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Seeing Double

Kerrisdale Design

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the house, but I’d argue that the true heart is the main seating area. This is where martinis and heart-to-hearts happen. This is where you take refuge after a horrendous day. This is where you snuggle up with the people you love. Big expectations for such a condensed space! That’s why striking a serene balance is important. A well-balanced space automatically soothes your brain (just ask your therapist!) and makes you feel protected. One easy way to achieve this sense of zen is by mirroring your sofas then anchoring them with a fabulous cocktail table. Sprinkle the space with an accent chair, pillow, blankets and voila! Instant ooohhhhmmmm…

Home of Mark Badgley and James Mischka for Elle Decor

Atmosphere Interior Design

via DecorPad

via DecorPad

Jean Allsop

Jennifer Bandier for Lonny Mag

Joan Behnke

Larry Laslo

Lindsey Bond

Lynn Morgan


Hauntingly Beautiful: Ghost Chairs

Apparitions of Louix XVI chairs have been haunting homes since 2002  <*cue spooky music*>  and with Halloween just a few weeks away, I think it’s an appropriate time to go…dun dun duuuuun…Ghost Chair Hunting!

Philippe Starck’s elegant-yet-whimsical design takes the traditional French-style and transforms it into a transparent, phantom-like form. The Ghost Chair is fantastically sophisticated and magically transforms to stylistically fit any space. The trick is the treat!

Photo courtesy of Love.Inspire.Create

Photo courtesy of DecorPad / designed by Courtney Giles

Photo courtesy of Megan Blake Design

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Unsourced photos via Pinterest.

Louis VuittonTrunks

I’ve always had a bordering-on-obsessive passion for vintage trunks. Specifically, vintage Louis Vuitton trunks. Using them in interiors makes my heart skip a little, like a teenager whose crush just smiled at her, and I simply can’t get enough. Please note: I don’t quite require an intervention…yet. But I do require an indulgence! Be still my lil heart:

Tommy Hilfiger’s Greenwich, CT home

Toni Espuch

Rue Magazine

Badgley Mischka’s Home for Elle Decor

By Ingalls Photography via Design*Sponge

The Selby

Photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

Metropolitan Home


Unsourced photos courtesy of Pinterest

Klismos Chairs: Ancient Greece Invades Modern Interiors

Long before the great Chicago architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function”, the Ancient Greeks were practicing it. Tired, I imagine, of sitting on the ground or on rough, wooden stools, the concept of a comfortable chair was born around 500 BC and quickly shot to stardom. Curved to hug and support the body, the timeless klismos chair has popped up throughout history, making appearances in ancient Greek bas reliefs, paintings in Pompeii, Homer’s epic tales in The Iliad, and later during eighteenth-century Europe’s neoclassical period. Today, the elegant form and cozy function makes it a perfect addition to any style interior. I even own two myself!

Thomas Hamel for House Beautiful


Stephen Sills and James Huniford / Elle Decor Nov2007


Nestor Santa-Cruz for Elle Decor, Nov2005


Lindsey Hair

Kathy Kelly


J. Randall Powers for Elle Decor


James Huniford for Elle Decor


Elle Decor 2004


Courtney Giles


Barry Dixon for House Beautiful

Ashley Hicks

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Ashley Hicks