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Trending: Orange with Shades of Gray

We’re on the brink of Halloween Weekend, my dear readers, and I simply couldn’t resist finding some Cheese Doodle Orange interiors! But instead of the traditional black/orange pairing, we’re going in a slightly different direction: shades of gray. Not everyone will dig the bold choice, but if you’re brave enough to try, you’ll find the combo balances vibrancy and elegance perfectly. What do you think? Would you try this at home?

Designed by Sheila Bridges for Elle Decor

via Pinterest

designer unknown

designer unknown

via decorpad

via Apartment Therapy

via Decorpad

via Decorpad

Designed by McGill Design Group

Designed by Ron Marvin


Hauntingly Beautiful: Ghost Chairs

Apparitions of Louix XVI chairs have been haunting homes since 2002  <*cue spooky music*>  and with Halloween just a few weeks away, I think it’s an appropriate time to go…dun dun duuuuun…Ghost Chair Hunting!

Philippe Starck’s elegant-yet-whimsical design takes the traditional French-style and transforms it into a transparent, phantom-like form. The Ghost Chair is fantastically sophisticated and magically transforms to stylistically fit any space. The trick is the treat!

Photo courtesy of Love.Inspire.Create

Photo courtesy of DecorPad / designed by Courtney Giles

Photo courtesy of Megan Blake Design

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Unsourced photos via Pinterest.

Moroccan Pouf Bonus Post!

For all my fellow shoe-holics, I give you a late-day addition today’s Moroccan Pouf post. Swoooooon!

From the home of Jane Keltner de Valle, Fashion News Director at Teen Vogue, courtesy of The Coveteur

Glamorous Moroccan Poufs

Candace Bushnell's Home for Elle Decor

Morocco is one of the most illustrious places on earth for luxury decor, including one of my favorite trends: Moroccan Poufs. Poufs, which are round, embroidered leather ottomans, have been around for quite some time but their popularity continues to skyrocket. Tossing one into a room (or several, like “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell did!) instantly adds a touch of whimsical glamor, not to mention extra seating.

Pouf prices range from $79-$1200, depending on the materials and design. My personal favorites run about $300 each from John Derian or Jonathan Adler. More economical poufs can be found through Authentic Morocco and if you’re simply dying for the crème de la crème of pouf-i-ousity take a look at Mosaik Interiors.

Angie Hranowsky

via Decorpad

Designed by Nanette Lepore for Elle Decor

Designed by Emily Henderson

Designed by Daniel Pafford for LonnyMag

Designed by The Cross Decor & Design

Designed by The Cross Decor & Design

Photos curtousy of: Elle Decor, DecorPad, LonnyMag, Pinterest, The Cross Decor & Design

Pseudo-Industrial Chic

Photo via Pinterest

I think it’s fairly accurate to label this nook “pseudo-industrial-chic”, considering the “industrial” elements have a glamorous spin: the sawhorse desk with mirrored legs, the gorgeous tiered chandelier, and the smoothed-out concrete columns. But pseudo or not, it makes me swoon. (Confession: any mirrored furniture has that affect on me).

Increasing the swoon factor are all the subtle textures playing on a calming, neutral palette, like that floor-to-ceiling cream drapery panel that adds a perfect touch of warmth. I’m not a huge fan of the bar stools, I must admit, but otherwise, this is one of my dream spaces.

The Fabulous Kate Hume

Beautiful marble hallway

Venturing to Russia several times over the years, I’ve come to adore the gilt and glamor of the country’s aesthetic. So when I recently came across this pied-a-terre in Moscow designed by Kate Hume, I was instantly captivated. Based in The Netherlands but commissioned all over Europe, Kate’s elegantly eclectic interiors are evidence of a well-traveled, richly influenced, fearless designer who clearly knows what’s gorgeous.

Kate’s clients in Moscow called on her to design a space to accommodate their busy lives, three children and collection of 20th Century Russian art. Quite a daunting request, I’d imagine, yet she makes it seem easy! Inspired by the metallic glow of Moscow’s architecture, Kate created an elegant yet functional space, done mostly in a neutral palette, that is simply stunning.

Entrance into the living room

Living Room

Whimsical, unique glass pieces are found all over the apartment

A Midcentury-style Egg Chair in leather

Kate Hume effortlessly combines past with present

Golden highlights were inspired by the architecture of Moscow

The dining room is enlivened by a glamorous chandelier and graphic wallpaper

The Study

Boyish yet stylish kids room

Luscious, warm kitchen

The Master Bedroom

A desk in the master bedroom

Attending a glamorous dinner party, perhaps?

The Great White Pumpkin

Crisp October winds are cooling New York’s summer-scorched streets today and it FINALLY feels like Fall. I’m celebrating by heading to Sicaffe for the city’s best hot apple cider then hunting for my favorite seasonal item: white pumpkins! Something about them just screams fabulous-ity, putting an elegant twist on an American tradition. They’re (Halloween pun alert…): booooooo-tiful! Enjoy!

GGG Icon: Andi Pepper

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Andi Pepper, design goddess and affiliate of SBJ Architects, is responsible for many of Manhattan’s poshest interiors. She’s also one of my personal heroes and I strongly suspect I’d behave like a tween meeting Justin Bieber should we ever cross paths. Her whimsical, modern interiors are genius – as evidenced in one of her latest projects, the Gansevoort Hotel Park Avenue. Ceilings dripping with fuchsia chandeliers above black/white chevron-patterned floors…pardon me while I melt like buttah:

If you can possibly tear yourself away from that astounding pic, there’s more. Not only does Andi design commercial interiors such as The Library Hotel, Hotel Giraffe, and The Sky Room but she also does residential projects. Should any of these be your home, I will gladly accept your invitation to stop by for cocktails.

And one more from the Gansevoort because I’m clearly enamored: