The Fabulous Kate Hume

Beautiful marble hallway

Venturing to Russia several times over the years, I’ve come to adore the gilt and glamor of the country’s aesthetic. So when I recently came across this pied-a-terre in Moscow designed by Kate Hume, I was instantly captivated. Based in The Netherlands but commissioned all over Europe, Kate’s elegantly eclectic interiors are evidence of a well-traveled, richly influenced, fearless designer who clearly knows what’s gorgeous.

Kate’s clients in Moscow called on her to design a space to accommodate their busy lives, three children and collection of 20th Century Russian art. Quite a daunting request, I’d imagine, yet she makes it seem easy! Inspired by the metallic glow of Moscow’s architecture, Kate created an elegant yet functional space, done mostly in a neutral palette, that is simply stunning.

Entrance into the living room

Living Room

Whimsical, unique glass pieces are found all over the apartment

A Midcentury-style Egg Chair in leather

Kate Hume effortlessly combines past with present

Golden highlights were inspired by the architecture of Moscow

The dining room is enlivened by a glamorous chandelier and graphic wallpaper

The Study

Boyish yet stylish kids room

Luscious, warm kitchen

The Master Bedroom

A desk in the master bedroom

Attending a glamorous dinner party, perhaps?


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