Klismos Chairs: Ancient Greece Invades Modern Interiors

Long before the great Chicago architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function”, the Ancient Greeks were practicing it. Tired, I imagine, of sitting on the ground or on rough, wooden stools, the concept of a comfortable chair was born around 500 BC and quickly shot to stardom. Curved to hug and support the body, the timeless klismos chair has popped up throughout history, making appearances in ancient Greek bas reliefs, paintings in Pompeii, Homer’s epic tales in The Iliad, and later during eighteenth-century Europe’s neoclassical period. Today, the elegant form and cozy function makes it a perfect addition to any style interior. I even own two myself!

Thomas Hamel for House Beautiful


Stephen Sills and James Huniford / Elle Decor Nov2007


Nestor Santa-Cruz for Elle Decor, Nov2005


Lindsey Hair

Kathy Kelly


J. Randall Powers for Elle Decor


James Huniford for Elle Decor


Elle Decor 2004


Courtney Giles


Barry Dixon for House Beautiful

Ashley Hicks

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Ashley Hicks


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