GGG Icon: Andi Pepper

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Andi Pepper, design goddess and affiliate of SBJ Architects, is responsible for many of Manhattan’s poshest interiors. She’s also one of my personal heroes and I strongly suspect I’d behave like a tween meeting Justin Bieber should we ever cross paths. Her whimsical, modern interiors are genius – as evidenced in one of her latest projects, the Gansevoort Hotel Park Avenue. Ceilings dripping with fuchsia chandeliers above black/white chevron-patterned floors…pardon me while I melt like buttah:

If you can possibly tear yourself away from that astounding pic, there’s more. Not only does Andi design commercial interiors such as The Library Hotel, Hotel Giraffe, and The Sky Room but she also does residential projects. Should any of these be your home, I will gladly accept your invitation to stop by for cocktails.

And one more from the Gansevoort because I’m clearly enamored:


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